The Beauty, Strength, and Affordability of Aluminum Fencing

One of the strongest, most durable and maintenance free of your metal fencing choices is aluminum fencing. It is also very affordable, and installation is usually quick and easy. Most aluminum fencing is also almost as strong as steel so it also offers strength and security, but it is still aluminum so it will resist oxidation and will not rust. This offers a virtual lifetime of maintenance free service.

Aluminum fencing comes in primarily black and white, but can easily be painted to match any landscape or theme. As far as styles and designs go, there are literally hundreds of different styles, shapes and design combinations available to create your fence from. The advantages to aluminum are its affordability, beauty, strength, choice of styles and its long lasting durability. The fact that it is aluminum, means that it will not rust and there is essentially no maintenance.

Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum vs. Steel

Aluminum will not rust; and when aluminum is powder coated it has a superior long-lasting finish. It will not have to be painted every few years (unlike steel). Steel is approximately three times heavier than aluminum making it difficult to handle and transport. In most cases aluminum is less expensive than steel. You also save money on shipping and handling as a result.

Aluminum can be easily cut using a standard miter saw. This offers the installer flexibility on-site to make adjustments. Steel requires specific tools such as cutting torches and grinders to make any on-site adjustments; then must be re-painted on site.

Aluminum vs. Wood

Aluminum will not rot. If powder coated properly aluminum will not have to be painted over the life of the product. Whereas, wood inevitably rots. Wood needs to be treated or painted every two to three years, and wood eventually will have to be replaced. These things add to the overall cost of wood railings.

Aluminum will not splinter or split; wood may cause slivers/splinters or fail completely causing injury. Aluminum is not treated with any pesticides or chemicals (unlike wood railings), therefore eliminating any health concerns and negative impact on the environment.

Low Maintenance

If you are concerned about high-maintenance, then you need an aluminum fence. Unlike an iron fence, an aluminum fence will never need a paint job. Manufactured aluminum fencing receives several protective coatings that help the fence last without a paint job.

Cost Effective

Aluminum fencing is very cost effective fencing choice because it is less costly than a traditional iron fence. Iron fencing must be fabricated in shop with very expensive metal, while aluminum fencing is manufactured with affordable material.